Apak architecture is a studio with international experiaence with his projects in different parts of the world.

The Studio has the exercise to provide full architectural design

services, from concept design stage to construction supervision. Our design skills also include interior design , town planing and urban design, landscape design abd exhibition services.

In all our works we aim to address the spesific features and potential of a particular situation, embracing them into the project while responding to the requirements of a program. We continue to push the limits of building technology-innovatings, refining and experimenting – to come up the best solution for each situation.

With this experience, we won awards from many architectural competitions.

Arpciprix Turkiye 2005 tesvik ödülü, Umop Uluslararası Basarı Odulu, Bursa Kızyakup kentsel tasarım Yarısması Satın alma Ödülü, Trabzon belediye hizmet binası yarışması 1.lik ödülü. Diyarbakır Yenisehir Belediye hizmet binası yarısması satın alma ödülü, Kahramanmaras belediye hizmet binası yarışması. T.C. Berlin kançılaryası yarısması. Hılton otelı davetlı yarışması 2.lik ödülü. Folkart vega davetlı yarışma 2.lik ödülü. Sign of the ctiy awards en yi sosyal sorumluluk projesi ödülü. Sign of the ctiy awards en iyi dini yapı ödülü. Sign of the ctiy awards genç mimar ödülü. Bir çok kez Sign of the ctiy awards Premium proje ödülü. Astana financial hub davetli yarisma 1.lik ödülü. Libya Trablus airport in.com.fr., Bursa santral garaj kensetl tasarım yarısması. C.Afrıca R. Conventıon center com.1. pr.

Our method of working in highly participatory , with clients , engineers and specialist consultants all contributing from the begining of a project and throughout the design process.

Our approach to design is not strictly conventional and involves the use of physical models and one-to-one scale mock-ups to help test and develop our proposed design concept. We also believe tha the design process is not linear and that it requires architects to think and draw on different scales at the same time, considering each finished detail in the development of the overall design